Vacmaster Air Vacuum Excavation Trucks

Below, you will find our inventory of all of our vacuum trucks, including Vacmaster trucks. We always stock Vacmaster 4000 &Vacmaster 5000 Trucks. These trucks are preferred by many contractors because of their low maintenance cost, air-digging technology, and ability to backfill the excavation hole on-site. We purchase these trucks usually off lease. We inspect them and resell them to companies like you who are looking to get a vacuum truck at a fair price. View our current inventory below.

Used vacuum trucks for sale &Hydro Excavator trucks for sale.We always have Vactor trucks, Vac-Con trucks, hydro-excavator trucks, & combo trucks in stock year-round. Browse our vast selection of used vacuum trucks.

Welcome to Our Used Vacuum Trucks Marketplace! Are you in the market for reliable and high-performance used vacuum trucks? Look no further! Our extensive inventory features top-name brands like Vactor, VacCon, and Super Products, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your industrial vacuum &hydro excavation needs. Whether you are tackling municipal, industrial, or commercial projects, our selection has something to offer. Below are some variations of work these types of powerful machines excel at.

Vacuum Trucks: Versatility and Performance When it comes to heavy-duty tasks that demand efficient waste management and environmental cleanup, vacuum trucks are the go-to solution. Our range of used vacuum trucks includes models from renowned brands, guaranteeing quality and reliability. Here is a glimpse of the diverse applications these trucks excel in:

  • Sewer Line Cleaning Vac Truck: Keep your sewer lines flowing smoothly with the powerful suction capabilities of our used vacuum trucks. Brands like Vactor are known for their exceptional sewer cleaning performance, ensuring blockages and debris are efficiently removed. A Vactor 2100 plus vacuum truck can tackle this task with ease.
  • Hydro Excavation Vacuum Truck: For precision digging and excavation tasks, we recommend a vacuum truck similar to a Vactor HXX or a Super Products Mud Dog. These Vacuum trucks offer a non-destructive and efficient solution. Brands like Vactor, Vaccon, & Super Products provide vacuum excavation systems that can safely uncover utility lines and excavate in sensitive areas.
  • Industrial Waste Cleanup Truck: Tackle industrial spills, hazardous waste, and other environmental cleanup tasks with ease. Our selection of vacuum trucks is designed to handle various waste materials, ensuring a cleaner and safer environment.
  • Stormwater Management Truck: Prevent flooding and manage stormwater effectively by utilizing vacuum trucks to clear out catch basins, drainages, and retention ponds. Brands like Vactor offer specialized equipment for stormwater maintenance.
  • Oil and Gas Industry Trucks: In the oil and gas sector, vacuum trucks play a crucial role in transporting liquids, sludges, and drilling waste. Count on our selection of well-maintained trucks to handle the demands of this industry.
Used Vacuum Trucks for Sale—Shop With Confidence

Below is our current inventory of every used vacuum truck we have available. Benefit from the best deals on hydrovac trucks and combo trucks while enjoying a stress-free shopping experience and great customer service. At Big Truck & Equipment Sales we offer you great financing options and shipping that are available on every truck. At Big Truck & Equipment Sales, we have partnered with industry-leading manufacturers to ensure you get the best in quality, such as Vaccon, Vactor, and Aquatech, to name a few. All the vacuum trucks in our inventory are well-maintained and in work-ready condition.

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