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Shipping / Delivery available in anywhere in USA & Internationally.

What We Do?

At Big Truck and Equipment Sales, we offer our customers used bucket trucks, vacuum trucks, street sweepers & crane trucks at reasonable prices. Rest assured, the used trucks that you buy from us offer you more value for less money than buying a new bucket truck or new vacuum truck. our used trucks are usually clean with low mileage and available in work-ready condition.

Most of Our inventory is purchased from Government entities, Cities, utility companies, and municipalities. Rust Free and part of a regular maintenance program.

If you have a limited budget but want to improve your service by updating your current construction or utility vehicles with the latest bucket trucks and digger derrick trucks, Big Truck can meet your needs. We, at Big Truck and Equipment Sales, carry all types of used heavy-duty trucks in a variety of sizes and configurations at affordable prices.

Our large selection of trucks and construction equipment for sale includes used bucket trucks, used crane trucks, used street sweepers, used vacuum trucks, used dump trucks, used water trucks, and used mechanics trucks. We also offer lube trucks, asphalt trucks, fire trucks, vans, and step vans; and specialty equipment for electrical, forestry, telecommunications, tree services & utility equipment such as cable pullers, underground pullers, wood chippers, stump grinders, and more.

Who We Are?

Driven by strong commitment to deliver quality products, we are a leading, licensed and bonded used truck & equipment dealer based in Southern California. Our mission is to help customers grow their business while saving big and staying competitive. Our customers consist

Our goal is to assist clients with tight budgets operate efficiently and economically, and more importantly, deliver the best in service to their customers without any compromise.

We started our business operations in 2000 and have been serving clients across industries and nationwide for more than 15 years now. Our values include:

  • Serve with integrity
  • Act with honesty
  • Strive for excellence in customer service
  • Provide value-added and premium products
  • Build long-term and trust-based customer relationships

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Big Truck and Equipment Sales
14557 Randall Ave. Fontana CA 92335
Phone: 909-600-7555
Fax: 909-600-7540

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Licensed and Bonded DMV Dealer.

How We Do it?

We don’t just promise the best in quality; we actually deliver it! And we do this by offering clients that are tight on budget, the best discount deals and flexible financing options.

At Big Truck and Equipment Sales, we go the extra mile to ensure that all used trucks and equipment in our inventory are in good working condition and meet industry work standards and safety checks. All of our used bucket truck trucks, used crane trucks, used street sweepers & used vacuum trucks are work ready, in terms of safety, performance, and functionality.

Furthermore, we deliver you a stress-free truck buying experience and ensure that you’re confident in your purchase. And to do so, we have a team of friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable sales representatives at your service. Our sales team works with you cohesively and works in your best interest. We provide you with guidance and ensure that you make a smart investment according to your business needs, requirements, and more importantly, your budget.

We, at Big Truck and Equipment Sales, understand that shipping heavy-duty used trucks across the country can be difficult, but we have over 20 years of experience in coordinating nationwide shipping services. We can make it easy & convenient for you to get the truck you need delivered to your business location as soon as possible.

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