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Who We Are?

Q: About the owners?

A: Big Truck & Equipment Sales, LLC is owned by two brothers, Phil and Case Bor. Phil used to be an independent owner/operator for 20+ years, he started driving trucks when he was 17. Case was a truck mechanic while serving in the US Army in Vietnam; afterwards he owned a printing business for over 30 years, which was sold when Big Truck & Equipment was started. Phil and Case and their families have lived in the Southern California area for over 40 years.

Big Truck & Equipment Sales started about 15 years ago as Bor Sales. We started with only a few trucks, we learned qucikly about the truck business and what customers are looking for. We now have over 200 vehicles in our current inventory and we are getting more in and out everyday. We have sold many trucks to customers all over the world including Guam, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Pago Pago & More!

We know what it is like for small businesses to have to expand with a limited budget; in addition, we understand the needs for dependable equipment.

We are a small business and look forward to helping you save money when you need to expand or just upgrade current equipment.

Don’t buy new, buy one of our quality used trucks and save thousands of dollars.

Q: What type of trucks do you specialize in?

A: We sell every type of work truck, including Bucket Trucks, Crane Trucks, Street Sweepers, Vacuum Trucks, and more. We try to service as many industries and trades as possible, therefore in addition work trucks already mentioned, we sell a variety of construction equipment including dump trucks, crane and boom trucks, line pulling equipment, reel trailers, utility trucks, stake and flatbed trucks, daycab trucks, and much more. Call us to see if we have the one that you’re looking for. If not, we can help you locate it.

We sell only quality and dependable trucks and equipment. We search all over the country to buy fleet-maintained and city owned trucks with low miles. Many of our vehicles are from municipalities or utility companies. Each truck at Big Truck & Equipment Sales is hand picked and made sure it is up to our standard quality before we put it onto our lot.

We perform inspections on all vehicles and ensure that they meet all safety requirements. We make sure the trucks are going to be work ready when they arrive to your door. With shipping available anywhere in the World it is sure to be an easy proccess.

Q: Can you provide financing?

A: Yes we do offer financing on all of our vehicles including our Vacuum trucks, Crane Trucks, Bucket Trucks, and Dump Trucks, with several companies including US Bank and other dependable finance companies.

Q: With regards to Boom and Bucket trucks, what does OSHA boom certification mean? And do you offer it?

A: Boom trucks and crane trucks should be certified annually to ensure performance standards are within manufacturer’s specifications and that wear parts are replaced as needed. We do offer OSHA boom certification as a service and sell most of our bucket and boom trucks with a current certification. Ask us about it!

Q: Can you deliver or ship the equipment you sell?

A: Yes we can and do deliver all over the United States and the western hemisphere. We have shipped trucks all over the USA including New York, Washington, Texas, Maryland and Hawaii. We have also shipped vehicles to Cayman Islands, Guam, Mexico, Canada and South America. Call us and we will give you an estimate for delivery.

Q: Do you sell any other types of specialty trucks and equipment other than those listed on your website?

A: Yes we sell Cable pulling trailers (Hogg & Davis), Reel Trailers, Tree-Brush Chippers and Stump Grinders, Trenchers, Backhoes and more.

Q: What is your facility like?

A: Our location is over 50,000sqft and you can be we utilize everyone of them. Stop by anytime to see a truck or piece of equipment.

Q: How long does it take to get a truck shipped?

A: This answer can vary but usually once we have recieved funds for a vehicle or piece of equipment we can get the unit shipped out and on the way in about 1-2 days.

Q: Can you provide me a fair shipping quote?

A: Yes we have been in this industry for years and we ship trucks & equipment everyday. give us a call or send us an email for instant shipping quote.

Q: Will Big Truck assist us with exporting a truck?

A: Yes we can assist you with all your export concerns. We can provide you with overseas shipping quotes or deliver the truck to any port. We are experienced in exporting vehicles to Canada & Mexico, delivering them to the border and providing all the correct paperwork.

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