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Get Robust Bucket Trucks and Vacuum Trucks in California

Are you looking to invest in top-quality bucket trucks and vacuum trucks in CA to enhance your business operations and increase efficiency?

Your search ends here!

Big Truck Equipment is the leading provider of used and affordable vacuum trucks and bucket trucks in California. Renowned for our commitment to quality, professionalism, and affordable rates, we lead the industry with our extensive inventory and competitive rates.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, our skilled and knowledgeable team will ensure you get the vehicle you require for your specific project needs. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and one of our representatives will help you find the correct truck model for your requirements.

A Comprehensive Collection Of Bucket Trucks and Vacuum Trucks in California

At Big Truck Equipment, we understand how improving your business operations can be tricky when you’re working on a budget. However, specialty equipment and specialized utility vehicles are essential to complete a modernized construction or a large-scale cleaning project. This is where our team can help!

At Big Truck Equipment, we have a wide selection of heavy-duty trucks in a variety of sizes and configurations. Our vacuum and bucket trucks aren’t just affordable and well-built but are also designed with precision and quality in mind.

Our vacuum trucks are used for a range of projects, including:

  • Septic tank and sewer tank maintenance
  • Underground repairs and installations like plumbing, potholing, fixing water main breaks, and slot trenching
  • Excavation of large land areas
  • Removing debris

Our bucket trucks are used for:

  • Rescue operations
  • Window washing
  • Construction projects like façade maintenance, siding installation, and painting
  • Telecommunication projects like repairing or installing satellite dishes, antennas, and communication lines
  • Tree trimming
  • Electrical work

An Unparalleled Inventory Just For You

We have a tailored inventory for California’s diverse landscape. Explore our collection of heavy-duty trucks and specialized equipment to overcome any challenges you might experience in California’s dynamic industries. We have low-mileage trucks ready to help you expertly navigate California’s terrain.

Commitment to Quality

At Big Truck Equipment, we are completely committed to quality and providing you with a well-engineered fleet that will smooth out your business operations. Each one of our bucket and vacuum trucks undergoes rigorous performance assessments and safety checks, surpassing industry standards. We ensure that our modern trucks efficiently adapt to any distinct challenges that your workers might come across because of California’s topography.

Our bucket and vacuum trucks are dependable, highly functional, and prepared for optimal performance.

We Offer the Best Financing Solutions for California Business Owners

Big Truck Equipment offers a range of exclusive discount deals and a myriad of flexible financing options for our vacuum and bucket trucks. This helps us empower all kinds of businesses, especially if they have certain budgetary constraints.

State-Wide Shipping

You don’t have to worry about transporting a heavy-duty truck across California. We’ve got you covered. We have over 20 years of experience in coordinating nationwide shipping and will ensure a stress-free and seamless process.

Choose Big Truck Equipment For All Your Heavy-Duty Vehicle Needs

With Big Truck Equipment, upgrading your fleet has never been easier. Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the unparalleled quality and service that defines us as industry leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vacuum trucks are versatile vehicles primarily used to collect and transport liquid and solid waste, including sewage, sludge, grease, and hazardous materials. They are typically used in industries such as sanitation, municipal services, construction, and environmental cleanup.

On the other hand, bucket trucks are indispensable for mainly required for tasks that require working at height, such as tree trimming, signage installation, building maintenance, etc.

When investing in a vacuum truck or bucket truck, several key factors should be considered to ensure you select the right vehicle for your needs. These include the vehicle’s capacity and capabilities, such as tank size for vacuum trucks and working height for bucket trucks, as well as the condition of the vehicle, including its mileage, maintenance history, and any necessary certifications.
Yes, both vacuum trucks and bucket trucks can often be customized to accommodate specific requirements and preferences.

Many manufacturers offer a range of options for customization, including different tank sizes, specialized vacuum systems, hydraulic attachments, safety enhancements, and ergonomic features.

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